Miami Native Tours x Typical Everglades tours

In the box below you can see the difference between a typical tour of the Everglades Park and the Miami Native Tours.

Miami Native Tours

  • Cross section of habitats all the way to Gulf of Mexico
  • Big Cypress, Mangrove, Prairie, Sawgrass
  • Hundreds of gators thru May
  • No selfies with gators – No animal show.
  • Airboat to Miccosukee tree island 40+ minuteswhere Miccosukee lived for generations
  • No stopping for other guests (unless shared. 2 stops max on shared)
  • No commission from Miccosukee. I prefer the referral
  • Hour+ boat ride thru the 10,000 Islands to the Gulf of Mexico
  • Stone crab lunch on fishing docks (not included) Oct-May
  • Airboat to a Miccosukee Tree Island for gators, birds and history
  • Fakahatchee State Park for birds (time permitting)
  • Clyde Butcher photo studio in Big Cypress w swamp traill

Typical Everglades tours

  • Sawgrass region
  • Hand fed gators
  • Animal show and selfies
  • Airboat on Man made canal 22 minutes
  • Possible 5-12 pickups & drop offs
  • Transfer to bus
  • Sticker placed on guests with group number required for driver’s commission on food and gifts bought
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