Cruise Pick Up – Drop Off

We cater to your needs and take care of your bags while you relax

Great for late flights and later hotel check-ins !
A cool way to end or begin your cruise vacation! Whether it’s:

  • Brunch at an awesome restaurant.
  • Parts or all of the city tour.
  • Everglades for flights after 4 pm are possible.
  • A beach day at South Beach hotel with pool and bath privileges.
  • See Manatees ( 5 minutes from Miami Port)
  • Graffiti Art in Wynwood 10 minutes from the port
  • Pix of manatee or Wynwood Manatees and Graffiti Art in Wynwood 5-10 minutes from the port
  • Cruise pick up from Miami Beach hotels to Port of Miami min 6 people @$10 each add a 20 minute stop at Wynwood @ $15 each
  • Free pickup with any 2 hour booking on debarkation
  • I do not service Port Everglades but do offer drop off at FLL for a minimum charge of $100


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